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"Tait offers an auspicious and cute premise, a scorchingly hot romance, and a highly original setting." The Booklife Prize
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When Nancy Myers starts her New Life in the mountains with a wild leap of faith and a cordless drill in her back pocket, she discovers:

a) working stuff out as you go along tends to bite you in the arse 

b) men who look good in gumboots are Dangerous 

c) it's a good idea to keep an eye out for neighbours when bathing naked in your sheep trough 

“This is chick-lit at its best. Merren Tait has written a genuinely funny novel.” – Readers’ Favorite 

Nancy’s having a hard time. Her career trajectory has flatlined, she’s just been jilted for a prettier, more limber girl-woman, and she's just turned forty. 

But Nancy has a secret weapon. Desperation. 

Determined to make a fresh start (one that on no account features men of the falling-in-love-with variety), she purchases a rural property on a whim at the foot of the Southern Alps and attempts to settle into country life. 

She finds the vista of the mountains healing. She also finds a tall, dark, and gumbooted stranger (who proves to be therapeutic in other ways). 

But when she discovers her precious view is about to be taken away, Nancy faces a hard choice. Should she play saboteur to protect her own happiness, even if it means losing the man who just might possibly be the key to it? 

Maybe her fresh start is actually a false start. Or maybe she’s learning a thing or two about how to be a kick-ass, self-reliant woman.

Number 1 on the Amazon US, UK, and Australian stores.
"I loved this book! The dialogue and situations had me laughing out loud for most of the book."


"Made me laugh out loud numerous times. So clever, well written, heartwarming and full of little surprises. Thank you!"

Irina Frei

"Merren has a unique storytelling style which I adore."

Author W.A. Cooper

"I've been on a Merren Tait binge for the last few days and have enjoyed every one of her books."


"So much fun and I read it in one sitting! I will definitely go back for more."

Lisa Benison

"Best beach read ever! This series is fun, light, sexy, addictive and totally kiwified! Love it!"

Rachel Ryburn



Can I read this book on any device like a Kindle, Kobo, tablet or smart phone?

Absolutely. Your book arrives with instructions to easily upload them anywhere you want.

Is there strong language and sex in this book? 

Yes. There is some swearing and there are a couple of sex scenes.

Can I get the book in paperback? 

Yes. It is widely available as a paperback.

Can I buy this book anywhere? 

You don’t have to buy from me. It’s available in all good online bookstores.
How can I be sure your claims about the book are legit? 

Feel free to have a look on Amazon and Goodreads, but here’s what happened in January 2023 with The Year of the Fox:
Is it true The Year of the Fox is being adapted for television? 

Yes! It’s currently in development through Awa Films and if all things go to plan, filming should start late 2024. Unfortunately, I can’t give more details than that due to contractual obligations.
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