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"Tait offers an auspicious and cute premise, a scorchingly hot romance, and a highly original setting." 
The Booklife Prize review for The Year of the Fox

"This is chick-lit at its best. Merren Tait has written a genuinely funny novel...The Year of the Fox is witty and entertaining with original dialogue." Readers' Favorite review
"My husband wanted to know what was so funny, but I was laughing too much to say."

Fiona Barnett

"Made me laugh out loud numerous times. So clever, well written, heartwarming and full of little surprises. Thank you!"

Irina Frei

"Merren has a unique storytelling style which I adore."

Author W.A. Cooper

"I loved this book! The dialogue and situations had me laughing out loud for most of the book."


"So much fun and I read it in one sitting! I will definitely go back for more."

Lisa Benison

"I've been on a Merren Tait binge for the last few days and have enjoyed every one of her books."


Shop all Merren Tait books

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